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For Rent : The Oceanfront, 4 Bedroom

The Oceanfront at Sentosa Cove, 4 Bedroom for rent with beautiful sea view. Brand New. Partially furnished. F...

For Sale : Landed Houses Fronting Waterway

Nestled away at the southern Cove of Sentosa, Singapore's new playground for society's elite are 3 latest luxu...

For Sale : The Oceanfront, 3 Bedroom

The Oceanfront@Sentosa Cove, 3 Bedroom for sale with beautiful marina view. Available Immediately! Call us tod...

For Sale : Seascape, 3/4 Bedroom & Penthouse

Seascape Sentosa, 3, 4 Bedroom and Penthouse units. Sea view that will take your breath away! TOP obtaine...

  • For Rent : The Oceanfront, 4 Bedroom

  • For Sale : Landed Houses Fronting Waterway

  • For Sale : The Oceanfront, 3 Bedroom

  • For Sale : Seascape, 3/4 Bedroom & Penthouse

About Sentosa Cove Properties

To many, Sentosa is an island resort with picture perfect artificial beaches to get your tan done, and perhaps home to a giant merlion with laser eyes. To but a few who have truly arrived, it is a place called home – complete with a casual assortment of Aston Martins, Bentleys, Rolls Royce and typical multimillion dollar yachts parked at their private berth.


Sentosa Cove properties are still an enigma to many, even though they have been around for about 7 years. To the uninitiated, residential parcels are located exclusively on the eastern part of the Sentosa Island - stretching from the north eastern point (still facing the container ports) to the southern tip. The fine beaches of Sentosa is located along the southern points, and the Integrated Resort is at the northern most point.


For residents of Sentosa, one has to cross the causeway and then keep left towards Dolphin Lagoon. A guard post will greet them as they enter their accolade, at the same time ushering away lost tourists and nosey locals. Immediately the exclusive One Degree 15 Marina is located east of the large roundabout. Turn left and you head towards the Sentosa North Cove, turn right and you will be greeted by plenty of construction on the Sentosa South Cove, where the building of many Sentosa properties are still in progress.


The Sentosa North Cove is much more established, being launched as early as 2004. The Sentosa South Cove though was introduced later, some as recent as during the property Bull Run in mid 2007. 

Sentosa North Cove - Condominiums

The Sentosa North Cove is distinguished by four condominiums –The Oceanfront, The Coast, The Berth and The Azure (click here to see the Sentosa Properties Distribution Map). These condominiums are developed by reputable developers and typically offer great sea views. Large balconies are typical for all the condominiums in Sentosa. An interesting fact is that despite being a condominium, these projects still conform to the “no fence” rule of Sentosa properties. No fences are allowed, between any houses – regardless of type. This is to keep in line with the free flowing resort theme.

Sentosa North Cove - Developer Landed Houses

There are also three mini-islands within the enclave - Treasure Island, Paradise Island, and Coral Island. These are landed properties (bungalows or terraces) exclusively designed and built by a single developer. Usually the theme is fixed, and houses are uniform in design. The islands are accessible through charming bridges connecting to the main Sentosa island. Some of these landed compounds have individual guard posts to restrict strangers from driving their vehicles in (for example Lakeshore View).

Sentosa North Cove - Individually Developed Landed Houses

The larger part of Sentosa North Cove is occupied by individually owned and developed plots of land. Basically buyers purchase the land, and are free to design and build the house to their taste. For those who don’t want to wake up one day to find a particularly offending structure in front of your home, perhaps the developer led projects mentioned above are safer. All Sentosa properties (be it landed houses or condominiums) are 99yr leasehold. Note that the “no fence” policy also applies to all Sentosa landed properties.

Sentosa South Cove

The Southern Cove was launched only in December 2006. By that time, demand for Sentosa properties were reaching a crescendo in line with the 2007 property Bull Run. What made Sentosa landed property so attractive was the fact that foreigners could finally own a piece of landed houses without many restrictions; previously foreigners could only purchase land property with permission of the Land Dealings (Approval) Unit.


Consisting of another five condominiums - The Marina Collection, Turquoise, Seascape, The Pinnacle Collection, Seven Palms and two islands, most developers bought land in Sentosa South Cove for much higher prices than the earlier Sentosa North Cove. Sentosa South Cove spans from the eastern edge of the island to the southern tip where the beaches are found – and this is what makes it so attractive.

Sentosa South Cove - Developer Landed Houses

In Sentosa South Cove, there are three large plots of land that are being designed and built by developers into landed houses or bungalows. Two of these three are located on “islands” - namely Pearl Island and Sandy Island, with similar accessibility to the islands located in the Sentosa North Cove. Sandy Island is being developed by YTL Group of Malaysia. 18 individual units are touted to demand roughly $14million each and are huge with up to 9200square foot of built up area. Pearl Island will be developed by Ho Bee group, the developer of The Berth by the Cove, The Coast, Seascape and The Pinnacle Collection. 


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